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We have a wide variety of the finest cuts of meats especially intended for grilling, to please even the most conservative and the most demanding of tastes.

Cold side dishes


Caesar Salad 
Avocado Salad 
Heart of Palm Salad 
Capresse Salad 
Mixed Salad 
Chef’s Salad 


Shrimps Cocktail 
Avocado and Palm Heart Cocktail 
Fish Ceviche 
Fish and Shrimps Ceviche 

Warm side dishes


Sea Food Soup 
Tortilla Soup 
Black Beans Soup 
Chicken Soup  
Asparagus Cream Soup 
Vegetables Cream Soup
Corn Cream Soup 


Tenderloin with Pepper sauce 
Tenderloin with Bernaise Sauce
Grilled Tenderloin 
Grilled Tenderloin Ranch 
Filet Mignon 
Beef Fajitas 
Pork Chops with Apple Sauce  
Mixed Plate (2 Pax)(Beef, Chicken and Fish) 

Fish and seafood

Paradise Sea Bass 
Sea Bass Provençal 
Breaded Sea Bass 
Grilled Sea bass 
Garlic Sea Bass 
Shrimps with Creole Sauce 
Breaded Shrimps 
Shrimps with Garlic Sauce 
Camarones del Monte 


Breaded Chicken 
Chicken Chasieur 
Grilled Chicken 
Chicken with Creole Sauce 
Chicken Cordon Blue 
Chicken Fajitas 


Spaguetti Bolognesa 
Spaguetti Carbonara 
SeaFood Fetuccini 
Fetuccini Alfredo 
Vegeterian Fetuccini in White sauce 


Rice with Chicken 
Rice with Shrimps 
SeaFood Rice 
Rice with Squids 


Chicken Sandwich 
Tunafish Sandwich 
Club Sandwich 
Ham and Cheese 
Rancho Paraíso Hamburguer 

Chef´s specialties

Paradise Salmon 
Salmon with Holand Sauce 
Malibu Shrimps 

Costarican Food

Typical to choose: 

Vegetarian dishes

Vegetables Panache 
Vegetarian Fetuccini 
SVegetarian Sandwich 
Vegetarian Typical 


Cheese Cake 
Apple Pie 
Chocolate Cake 

Coconut Custard 
Three milk Cake 
Italian Custard 

Volcano with ice cream 
Banana Split 

Ice Cream 

Vanilla, strawberry or chocolat.



Volcán Arenal 
Guaro, triple sec, soursop, grenadine, pineapple.

Pura vida 
Guaro, peach liqueur, pineapple, granadine orange juice

Coco loco 
Tequila, rum, milk mixed, strawberry

Rum, lemon juice, sugar, spirmint.

Mixed Malibu 
Coconut rum, milk mixed.

Orange juice, vodka.

Guaro Sour 
Guaro, lemon juice, sugar.

Planter´s Punch 
Rum, pineaple, orange juice, lemon juice, granadine.

Cuba libre 
Rum, coke, lemon.

Vodka tonic 
Vodka, tonic, lemon.

Cachaca, lemon, sugar.

Piña Colada 
Rum, milk mixed, pineaple.

Crazy Monkey 
Tequila, coffee liqueur, milk mixed, banana.

Vodka,triple sec, lemon juice, cranberry juice.

Rum, lemon, flavor choice.

Blody Mary 
Vodka, tomato juice, lemon, salt and pepper.

Tequila triple sec, lemon.

Tequila Sunrise 
Tequila Orange juice, granadine.

Soft Drinks 

Small Water 
Big Water

Natural Juices
Manga, blackberry, soursop, sour guava.


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